Vince Tripodina

Vince Tripodina

Licensee in Charge/Director

02 9822 4333

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Opinion on Benchmark Moorebank, 100% positive

Hi Vince,

Trust you are keeping well. I won’t take up too much of your time as I know you are very busy however I wanted to drop you a quick email to mention a couple of things; Firstly, when we first decided to potentially sell our house, I must admit, we were a little overwhelmed. Knowing little about it and whether we wanted to go through with it or not, was a daunting decision. Upon our first visit with Benchmark and several other real Estates agents, we were none closer to making our decision. We just weren’t sure whether it was what we wanted.

Over the course of the next several weeks, whilst we were ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’, Angela kept in tough. She checked in with us regularly and was generally always available for my questions and to give me any advice on my concerns. If I’m honest, Angela was one of the main factors in why we chose to go with Benchmark on our sale. We met several agents and got several different opinions but after that initial valuation, she didn’t just disappear and ‘wait for our call’ like all the other agents did. She kept in touch and helped me understand the options we had if it came to us not being satisfied with interest in the house (thankfully we never had to worry about that one!). We really appreciated that the repour we had with Angela was a good one and we wanted her involved with the sale. Following that decision, we haven’t looked back. She worked tirelessly for us throughout the entire month long campaign. I cannot fault her in any way and she remained available for all my questions and concerns up until the very day of the auction. She took all my phone calls and messages and I even heard from her on Sundays (when she really should have been relaxing on her day off!)

Her attitude and overall welcoming demeanour I’m sure, had much to do with high level of interest we had in our home and I don’t doubt that if we had used another agent without her charm, we may not have received as much interest in the property. Angela worked with us to get us exactly what we wanted by being honest, sincere and supportive. Now that a few weeks has passed since the sale, we couldn’t be more happy and confident with our decision to move interstate and quite frankly, we wouldn’t feel this way had we not been so impressed and confident with Angela and her work. Secondly, Andrew and I both wanted to say a huge thank you to not only Angela but to the entire team at Benchmark national who helped and gave advice throughout the month long campaign. Especially to yourself for your help and advice on the day of the auction and also to Joel, who with his bright personality, always happily helped with the logistics of our sale. I asked Joel plenty of questions every time I saw him and he always sought to find me the answers from e immediately. He also walked me through the entire auction process at one point, which helped calm my nerves! He is very genuine guy and I think he’ll go a long way in the industry where repour is everything!

If we are asked an opinion on benchmark Moorebank, our answer will be 100% positive. We are truly grateful that we found a company that was passionate and genuine with their clients and can’t thank you enough for everything.

Good luck with the remainder of the year and take care.

- Leah Bower
Wattle Grove

Thank you Thank you Thank you Vince

To Vince,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, can’t say it enough times. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with your agent Mr Joe Brattoni in regards to 20 Jellicoe Street, Condell Park. We are grateful that Joe was the person that helped us when with the above property. Most agents we have dealt with in the past work directly for the vendor, with Joe we felt like he was working for both parties fairly and honestly. Unfortunately the purchase for us fell through due to our finances coming through one day to late. Congratulations to the successful buyers. We appreciate all the time he took out of his spare time to help us. Especially leaving his son’s birthday party, to allow us to view the property for the second time that very day and around 6pm, not many people these days would go above and beyond their duties! It is reassuring to
know there are still good honest and caring people out there in the world. In our opinion Mr Joe Brattoni is an absolute asset to Benchmark National – Moorebank; we will be definitely keeping in touch with Joe and recommending Joe and your company to all our family and friends for all their property needs when they come up in the future.

A little message for Joe…

Again thank you so very much for all your help! We sincerely appreciate all your time, it was an absolute pleasure meeting and dealing with you. We look forward for our paths to meet again in the future.


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