Australians spend more time looking at property than at the gym

Australians spend more time looking at property than at the gym

Aussies spend twice as much time looking at property than they do going to the gym – even people who aren’t looking at buying property!

A global study conducted by HSBC founded that Aussies clock up to 2.5 hours a week researching the property market, compared to the 1.08 hours spent at the gym.

The research also founded that 23 per cent of Aussies check the value of their home every three months.

Extreme house hunters spend more than seven hours every week reading property magazines, window shopping for homes and sifting through online listings.

21 per cent of Australian buyers are put off a property if there are rumours of it being haunted.

Australian, French and British home buyers share in common that difficult neighbours are the biggest deal breaker when it comes to purchasing property.

Buying a property is usually the most significant purchase an Australian will make, but the lengths that buyers are willing to go to find the perfect property is becoming quite extreme.

Each to their own.

Countries that are most consumed with the property market, along with the hours spent on property research weekly include:

UAE – 6.6 hours weekly

USA – 4.95 hours weekly

Taiwan – 4.54 hours weekly

Mexico – 3.56 hours weekly

Singapore – 3.29 hours weekly

UK – 2.65 hours weekly

Australia – 2.51 hours weekly

Canada – 2.08 hours weekly

France – 1.74 hours weekly