Simple Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make

Simple Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to help the kids make something special for their favourite lady.  Kids of all ages can get in on the action and create a beautiful Mother’s Day gift that she will cherish.  Some of these need a little adult assistance, while others can be done easily by kids on their own.


Tissue Paper Flowers

This simple gift is one Mum will love.  Cut out squares of tissue paper in various colours.  Hand the kids a pipe cleaner and have then pop it through the centre of the squares of tissue.  Layer them and then bend the top of the pipe cleaner to keep them in place.

Several flowers can be put together to create a bouquet.  Go one step further and create a vase for the flowers out of an empty toilet paper roll.  Simple let the kids decorate the roll in any way they choose, and then slip the flowers inside for a lovely handmade place to keep those precious flowers.


Colourful Crayon Hearts

This one will need an adult, since it requires the use of an iron.  Cut a heart shape out of construction paper; older kids can do this themselves, while young kids may need help.  Get some old crayons and careful use the edge of safety scissors to create shavings over the heart.  Use many colours for a beautiful effect.

Fold the heart in half and place it on an ironing board.  Put a towel over the top and press the iron carefully down on the heart.  Allow it to cool briefly, then open the heart and complete the cooling process.  When opened the melted crayon will make a gorgeous colour combination that is definitely frame-worthy!


Picture Frame

A Popsicle stick picture frame is an old idea, but remains one of the best.  Get coloured Popsicle sticks and glue them in layers to create a frame.  Create a backing for the frame with construction paper, and then glue the child’s picture in the middle.

The child can then decorate the frame with markers, stamps, beads, and anything else you can find to make it look extra special.  That personal touch will make this something Mum will always love.

For a different take on the picture frame, cut the shape of a heart from construction paper.  Use a Popsicle stick to create the stem, and add leaves made of green paper.  Glue the child’s picture in the centre of the flower and add the words “Thanks for helping me grow!” as a final touch.